Who is your favorite artist/painter who is environmentally conscious?



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    My favorite environmentally conscious artist is the late Charley Harper.  He was extremely passionate about animals, particularly birds, from his childhood. He has worked with biology program at University of Cincinnati to promote conservation and ongoing research about the diverse wildlife of America.  Here are some of his works: 


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    I’m sure there are some, but I prefer to not know the social or political stance of every human being in the world.  In a time when we can communicate so freely, I find it irritating that so little is left to interpretation.

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    Franz Marc[img_assist|nid=186475|title=franzmarctiger|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=315|height=350][img_assist|nid=186476|title=deer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=266|height=189]

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    Yuken Teruya does some really neat environmental pieces.  His “Rain Forest” is my favorite work of art that he has done.  The artist is somehow able to cut intricate tree designs out of cardboard toilet paper roles.  They are then hung in columns from the ceiling.  Teruya has a similar piece in which he cuts tree designs out of money, and calls it “Green Economy.”

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    One interesting environmental artist is Lynne Hall.  Lynne, originally from Colorado, has created “trans-species” art where she creates sculptures that serve as wildlife habitat.  For example, the picture below is of a sculptural island she designed for waterfowl nesting.  Thus, her art is not only constructed form organic materials, but also serves as a habitat for animals.


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    Peter Admams is one of the most well known landscape painters in California. His work is mostly Plein-Air pastels and oils of the natural wonders of California as well as a few of geological formations such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite’s Half Dome. The mood of his art is very peaceful; typically the depict wide open spaces that suggest a deep appriciation of undeveloped land and the environment. Below are links to two of his works I really enjoy.
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    I was curious to know the same.  I’ve been doing paintings that deal with environmental and social issues and I’m really curious to know other artists doing that.  Specifically – en plein air  ( on location )  I’ve done paintings of the Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago, post- Kartina New Orleans, the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India,  the polluted water of the Ganges River, and the recent PG&E gas explosion just south of San Francisco ( 8 lost their lives and 52 homes destroyed )  I also paint pristine natural environments like Big Sur.  This has been an ongoing series I’ve been working on and want to communicate with other similar artists.  I believe we need to preserve these documents for people in the future – to show how horrible – OR how rich, natural and beautiful the earth used to be. With the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs happening now, I find it increasingly important that I follow this path. Please – if you know of other similar artists I’d like to create a dialogue  might want to organize something.  Please check out my website. JPMARCELO.COM. Thank you !!!

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