Who would you want to lead you into a green battle?



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    This may be difficult to arrange, but my ideal choice would be Theodore Roosevelt. He has both the green credentials and has been tested in actual battle.

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    Captain Planet! We could all put our elemental rings together and summon him because the best way to win a green battle is to work together to protect the planet.

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    I would choose Starhawk to lead me; in a way she already does. If you aren’t familiar with her activism and writings Starhawk is a feminist, and self-described witch with an incredible track record of fighting for the Earth. What would make her a good leader? Her commitment to the environment is without question, and I truly trust her motives–she can’t be bought. She has worked for decades to train activists, to teach permaculture and low-impact living. Her many books have inspired me tremendously to live by my heart and to do right by the Earth. In particular, I recommend “Earth Path.”

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