Who would I go to to get a lion and in its early months what kind of milk would you feed it?



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    A lion is not a good pet. First of all, it is very likely that having a lion as a pet is illegal where you live under state law. Even if it is legal, which is very controversial, it is unlikely you have a suitable area for a lion to grow up in. Wild animals are cute as cubs, but when they grow older their wild instincts confuse them. They are also incredibly large and you will not be able to control it unless you keep it restricted to a pen. This is no life for a lion. They can become very aggressive, and hundreds of lions end up in sanctuaries or euthanized when they are bought by people who did not realize the immense cost, destructiveness, and unruly nature of their lion. Even if you opted to defang and declaw the cub, (practices both cruel, unethical, and often causes deformity and infection) your lion can still cause damage. The cost of proper meat required for a lion is about 8000 dollars a year.

    If you want what’s right for any pet you have, you will not purchase a lion for a pet. If you want to experience the company of lions you can volunteer at a sanctuary, there are many in the United States that have rescued pet lions, and many in Africa that host volunteers.

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    I have to agree with Chelsea. This is a terrible idea. Lions are not domesticated animals. Have you ever owned a cat? Have they ever scratched you in play, or attacked your ankles for no good reason? Now imagine a cat who if they do that will rip you apart like tissue paper, entirely accidentally. If you want a big cat, go for a Maine Coon cat. If you want a big cat that’s half wild animal, go for a Savannah.

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