Who (what type industries or manufacturers) will buy newly invented plastic from fruit waste?

In my country, some researchers have come up with an invention that could apparently change the face of plastic packaging-fruit waste bio-degradable plastic bags. One of the biggest environmental problems that the world faces is plastic waste. Most commercial plastic is amde from petroleum which makes them difficult to break down and degrade. 2% of non-degradable plastic bags were recycled as the process was expensive. Tropical fruit waste was converted into flour which was then fabricated into biodegradable plastic film. The skin of three fruits-rambutans, bananas and jackfruits converted stands up in both the textile strength and the “elongation at break” level as compared with normal plastic wraps.



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    The plastic you’re describing is estimated to be about 10% cheaper than traditional plastics, which is saying a lot. US demand for biodegradable plastic is growing at about 15.5% annually, much of which is the food service industry. It seems plausible that the fruit waste-based plastics would also enter into this market as it grows larger year by year.

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