Who were major contributors towards establishing america as world super power?



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    The United States became a world superpower after World War II.  The War changed America both internally and on the world stage.  The “Big Three” United States, Great Britain, and the former USSR set out to create a new world order for after the war.  They wanted to re-vamp the economic structure (see Bretton Woods Conference) and also create some type of International oversight, which became the United Nations.  Unfortunately, after the war ended, things did not go as smoothly as anticipated.  The US and Great Britain had a complete breakdown of relations with the former USSR and the dropping of the Iron Curtain set off 50+ years of extreme world security instability.  The United Nations has never met the lofty goals that were set out for it.  Instead it has become mired in controversy, in fighting between different factions in the Security Council and disenfranchisement of the General Assembly.  Since the former USSR and the Eastern Block collapsed, the US has found themselves learning how to be the only superpower.  They are finding it a very dangerous place to be.

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