Who were the first people to navigate and keep time by the stars?



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    The Akkadians are among the first people credited to have kept astronomical records, and the earliest date from around 2500 B.C. They lived in the northern part of what was later called Babylon. The astronomer-priests that lived later in Babylon were able to use the records of the Akkadians to predict some of the motions of the sun, Earth’s moon, and stars.

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    The earliest known civilization to keep track of the stars and to actually record them was during the Pre-Dynastic period (4500BC-2500BC) by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

    Some even speculate that there was a civilization before the Egyptians that were highly intelligent that claim to have mapped the Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx according to what they saw in the sky during that time period. That is supposedly dated to 10,500BC and the Giza Pyramids are aligned perfectly with Orion in 10,500BC which is the age of Leo (that is why The Sphinx has the body of an lion.

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