Who were the Chikunda?



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    Chikunda is not a group of people, but rather a term once used for the people of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The term was originally used to describe soldiers used by Europeans to guard land and supplies, but has since changed. The Chikunda language is spoken by some people of these areas still, mainly the Kunda people, who are most likely those that Europeans called Chikunda during their colonial occupation of Africa.

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      Oharem, you got it right up to a point and then your answer unravelled due to misinformation. The Chikunda are not an extinct grouping as your answer purports – we still exist! I am Chikunda as is my father and his father before him. Two tribal chiefs rule over the Chikunda namely Mphuka and Mburuma. I hail from Mphuka’s village. My tribesmen are still settled in the Luangwa District of Lusaka Province in Zambia nestled at the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers. The Kunda you speak of are a completely different tribal grouping from the Malambo area of Zambia’s Eastern Province. My source of information is my Birth Certificate, my National Registration Card and the fact that my home village (where I speak Chikunda when I visit)is a three hour drive from where I live. The answer posted is therefore wrong.

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      I completely agree with you. The Chikunda’s still exist up to this present day. I am also Chikunda, and so is my father and his siblings. They moved from Tete, Mozambique to Zimbabwe decades ago and still speak Chikunda. A numebr of their relatives still live in the Tete Province of Mozambique I also speak Chikunda myself, and so do a lot of people that I have known over the years.

      Oharem, a little research would be useful next time.

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    We are very much around. We are not so many as other tribes but still here. I actually went to school at Luangwa Boys Secondary School. And my young sister is a Nurse at Katondwe Mission Hospital in Luangwa as well. Will be ther in March to see granny and other relatives who are settled there

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