Who was Truman Everets?



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    Truman Everts was an explorer who got lost during an 1870 expedition through the area that is now Yellowstone National Park. He survived for 37 days within the park, living off of the root of a thistle which is now known as Everts thistle, his opera glass to create fire, and his buckle as a knife. He became famous when his tale gained national attention.

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    Truman Everts was a member of the 1870 Washburn-Langford-Doane party of explorers in Yellowstone. Everts became separated from the rest of his party, and failed to ever find them again. Instead, he spent 37 days on his own in the wilderness, with nothing more than his clothes, a few knifes, and an opera glass. Although not an avid outdoors man, he managed to survive until found by two men who were looking for him. His tale received much attention and publicity, and Everts was offered a job as the first superintendent when the Yellowstone Park was first created in 1872. He turned the position down because it was unpaid.

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