Who was Shaka Zulu?



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    Shaka Zulu was the king of the Zulus.  He established nineteenth century zulu dominance of Africa.  

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    Shaka Zulu was the bloodthirsty king of the Zulu tribe in Africa. He demanded toughness from his warriors, he would immediately kill them if they showed anything less. He revolutionized the Zulu weaponry used in battle, and required his warriors fight barefoot so as to toughen them up. Through his relentless conquering, the Zulu nation grew to contain about 250,000 people and the Zulu army contained about 2000 warriors. Shaka is said to have lost control once his mother died, ordering unneccessary executions and making his army fast for three months. He was stabbed to death by one of his half-brothers in September 1828, believed to be 41 at the time.

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