Who was responsible for greening up Wal-Mart?



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    I recently watched a documentary entitled “Wal-mart: the High Cost of Low Prices.”  Starting at 5:35 of the attached youtube clip, a Catawba river Riverkeeper in Belmont, NC explains that a nearby Wal-mart was keeping its fertilizer/mulch stock in its parking lot.  Concerned for the chemicals reaching the river, she attempted to contact Wal-mart to take appropriate action, and with no response given after a few months she decided to push for a lawsuit.  By the time the U.S. Attorney General ordered these chemicals removed from the lot, she was put in contact with a person who was hastily posted as an environmental consultant for Wal-mart, and he said it was only his first day.

    Therefore, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that the woman responsible for “greening up Wal-mart” was the Catawba Riverkeeper.

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