Who was Hesiod?



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    Hesiod, along with Homer, was one of the first major Greek writers.  Thought to have lived around the 8th century BC, he was an oral poet and often cited as the first economist.  Few facts have been gathered about Hesiod himself except that he lived in Boeotia, an area of central Greece.  Much of his work revolved around Greek myths (their chronology and geneology).  His two most famous pieces are Works and Days and the Theonogy

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    Hesiod was an ancient Greek theologian whose writings are still considered some of the most valuable ancient scripts available because of the extraordinary insight they provide into the ancient Greek religion. One of his most famous works, the Theogeny, is the Greek equivalent of Genesis — the ancient Greek’s explanation for how the world came to be created. His other famous work, Works and Days, explains pagan ethics (including the extolment of hard work).

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    According to Herodotus, Hesiod – along with Homer – created the Greek gods in their popular form. He probably lived in the century 700 BC. He was a peasant and a shepherd, like his own father, until a mystical experience in which he had a vision of he muses propelled him into the life of a poet. He explains the origin of the world in Theogony.

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