Who was greener? Jesus or Buddha?



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    Great question! Christianity is what we call anthropocentric… God created the heavens and the earth for humanity. Humanity was created in God’s image and so on and so forth. Under this we find broad interpretation but in almost every respect any form of Christianity has little to no regard for the environment (one important reason could also be that they tend to believe the earth will end soon upon the second coming, so what does it matter; there is no environmental commandment). While Buddhism on the other hand gives far more regard to the natural world and sees itself with great humility as being an entity which is allowed the privilege of human thought only briefly before taking on another form. I suppose you’re asking which of the two men was greener and I would have to say, from what I know in reading parts of the bible as well as the story of Siddhartha, they were just about even in the environmentally friendly department. To be honest neither one of them had much to say in direct regard to the environment; as it seems, in order to partake in the enlightenment of either of these religious leaders their followers were encouraged to shake off any attachments to the world… can this be seen as an environmentalists approach to preventing overconsumption and redirecting humanity’s attention back to the beauty of nature? Or is this the oldest trick in the book for getting people to whole-heartedly join your cult? 

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    Well the Buddha supposedly died of food poisoning, so he might have been a little bit greener at one point.

    I kid, I kid. This question is impossible to answer, because both Jesus and Buddha have quite honestly been transformed from historical individuals to legendary characters by their followers. Many of the tenants we have from both Buddhism and Christianity became popular long after the deaths of both leaders. The environmental movement wasn’t a movement at all until very recently – so neither Buddha nor Jesus would know what this term “green” even means. If you’re asking which leader was more concerned about trees and animals and peace toward living things, then we can only rely on texts which were produced after each leader’s death. According to those texts, Buddha was very compassionate toward living things, not just humans, and believed in non-harming. I’m sure there’s an eloquent argument for Jesus as well.

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