Who was the first scientist to put together the periodic table?



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    Lavoisier was the first to publish a list of elements in 1789, Dobereiner started to classify these elements beyond “metal” and “nonmetal,” but Alexandre Emile Beguyer de Chancourtois made the first periodic table ordering the elements by atomic weight, the same manner in which the modern day periodic table is structured.   He published his work in 1862, but since he was a geologist, chemists didn’t really notice what he’d done.  Three years later chemist John Newlands published his own version of the periodic table likening the patterns used in it to octaves found in music, but the work was criticized by fellow chemists.  Traditionally, the credit then for the earliest modern day periodic table goes to chemist Dmitri Mendeleev who published his version in 1869.   Another scientist named Lothar Meyer had developed a similar table in 1868, but unfortunately for him Mendeleev’s got published while Meyer’s was being reviewed by colleagues.

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