Who was the first person to walk to the north pole?



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    Robert Peary claims to be the first person to walk on the North Pole, however his claim is widely doubted.  Matthew Henson is more likely to be the or at least of the first people to go to the North Pole.  

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    This question has two possible answers:  both Frederick Cook and Robert Peary claimed to have been the first (Cook claimed to have arrived at the North Pole on April 21, 1908, while Peary claims to have been there on April 9, 1909).  Ironically, though Cook (supposedly) reached the North Pole nearly a year earlier than Peary, he and his crew were delayed for several months on their return trip, so he did not get to announce his accomplishment until only a few days before Peary returned to announce his.  To add to the complication, the North Pole is not a fixed point, since the area is composed of drifiting chunks of ice, so there is no definitive way to prove that you’ve been there simply by marking a particular spot.  For many years, Peary received all the formal recognition, due to evidence of fraud in Cook’s account.  Peary’s claim was certified by the National Geographic Society and formally accepted by the US Congress, and was simply accepted for many years; however in the late 1980s the accumulated information on both expeditions was reexamined, this time showing evidence of fraud in Peary’s account (Cook’s claims in the mean time had been at least partially vindicated by later arctic explorations).  The question has yet to be answered with certainty, but it is generally accepted that it was one of these two men.

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