Who was the first country to use wind energy on a large scale?



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    As of 2006, 20% of all energy created in Denmark is created by wind power.

    From source below:

    Twenty percent of Denmark’s energy needs are now met by electricity generated by wind turbines, and the proportion is steadily increasing. Thanks to advances in technology and turbine design, the cost of wind power has been reduced by 75 percent since 1970, when the programs began.

    Wind-power technology has also been a driving force in the Danish economy, according to Chuck Kleekamp, president of Clean Power Now , an American nonprofit organization that informs citizens about renewable energy projects and studies Danish energy programs

    “Danish companies manufacture 40 percent of the world’s supply of wind turbines, as well as having had extensive research programs for decades,” Kleekamp said. “The technology also provides employment for a segment of the population in Denmark.”

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