Who was the first civilization in North America?



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    For many years, historians and archeologists have agreed that the first settlers of America came from the land bridge to Asia about 12,000 years ago. New evidence however from Southern California suggests that up to years earlier, in about 13,500 BC, Pacific Islanders settled on the west-coast of the Americas. This means that humans were settled and living in the Americas for thousands of years before previously thought. Pacific Islanders were probably the first settlements in North America; choosing to settle along California’s coastline.

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         The first civilization in North America was the Olmec Civilization (1500 BCE-400 BCE), in what is now southern Mexico. The Olmec lived in a complex society and were the first civilization in the Americas to use writing. Their culture is beleived to have influened the Mayan civilization that came after them. The Olmec are best known for their art, especially the large stone heads they carved.  

    A carved Olmec head

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