Who was an environmental leader during the 1990’s?



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    One in particular that pops out is Al Gore. He became more outspoken about his views after exiting politics in the 00’s, but was still a strong voice in Washington on environmental policy as VP under Clinton, particularly as our representative in negotiating the Kyoto Protocol.

    For other ideas, the first link below contains a list of 10 prominent women in the environmental movement, some who have been active since the 70’s. The second link is to an Op-Ed piece on climate change that Al Gore penned in 2007.

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    In 1995 Ken Saro-Wiwa (and eight others) were fraudulently convicted and executed for their opposition to the oil industry practices that had destroyed the environment, leaving 550,000 Nigerian farmers and fishermen with polluted and oil damaged lands. They were seeking better environmental practices by Shell, and some monetary damages since the oil drilling destroyed their ability to make a living.

    I highly reccomend reading more about him, I didn’t even know he existed before researching this question, and that is tragic.

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    Sylvia A. Earle was an environmental leader during the 1990s. Serving as Chief Scientist of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, she was responsible for monitoring the health of the nation’s waters. From 1998 to 2002 she led the Sustainable Seas Expedition, a five year program to study the United States National Marine Sanctuary. Earle still remains active, continuing to be an environmental leader.

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    Well this article goes with 5 main ones. The first one is obviously Al Gore for his outspoken support for the environment. The slideshow that gave him the Nobel Prize was the same slideshow that he has been giving for decades, just it finally became famous with his movie after he left politics.

    Norman Borlaug has been an interesting character in the environmental topics for a while now. A lot of his views are pretty controversial but they all are backed with logical reasoning.

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