Who was Dorothy Stang?



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    Dorothy Stang was an Ohio-born member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Damur.  She became a Brazilian citizen and lived and worked there, speaking out against poverty and environmental issues, especially deforestation.  She was murdered at the age of 73 for her outspoken beliefs and work toward helping rural farmers and protecting the rainforest.

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    Sister Dorothy was an American-born nun who traveled to the Brazilian Amazon in the 1960s to help disempowered people there. She helped “the little guy,” peasants and small farmers, request land from the government to live on and protect that land from loggers, many of them illegal, who wanted to cut down much of that area of the rainforest for the timber industry. Local people loved her, but loggers and wealthy ranchers spread rumors about her running guns to peasants. She was murdered in 2005 in the forest: a film called They Killed Sister Dorothy documents the struggle to find those responsible.

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