Who is Tom Friedman?



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    Thomas Friedman is an author and a columnist for The New York Times who has frequently written about environmental issues. As a reporter for that paper, he specialized in OPEC- and oil-related news, and his columns in recent years have focused on the threat posed by global warming. A column he wrote earlier this year, “Mother Nature’s Dow,” drew an especially large amount of attention to the factors that are escalating the effects and magnitude of climate change.

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    He’s currently a foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times, and a famous author and journalist. He has won the Pulitzer prize three times. His books include “From Beirut to Jerusalem”, “The Lexus and the Olive Tree”, “Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World after September 11”, and “The World is Flat”. He is well-known for his coverage of the Middle east and environmental issues. His webpage is below, and the attached Wikipedia page offers a brief exploration of some of the controversies around him.

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