Who in today’s world is the Lord Voldermort for the environment?



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    There seems to be two main catalysts for the problems with the environment today. Habitat destruction and global warming are the two issues that are most referenced with regards to the biggest problems the environment faces. Habitat destruction is taking away animal’s habitats putting them closer to extinction and also destroying ecosystems that the earth depends on to maintain it’s balance. Global warming is also having an affect on destroying habitats, putting a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, a larger amount of weather concerns, and natural disasters.  

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    It’s tough to put the blame on an individual, but I’ll try regardless (no offense meant by what’s forthcoming). The biggest danger to the environment is a lack of recognition that we are harming it, or attempts to obscure other people from understanding this. Big businesses, then, can certainly be placed at blame, but I think the anti-fact, anti-science cultural of the Tea Party, highlighted by the Neo-Cons, is “most at fault.” Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Rumsfield, Cheyney, Boehner — pick your poison.

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