Who thinks that homes with solar panels are actually pretty?



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    I do…I think they are pretty because beauty isn’t just skin deep, and it shows that someone cares about the environment and energy conservation; intelligence. Consider Solar panels a badge and wear it proudly!

    BTW, they also make solar panel roofing tiles (more aesthetically pleasing 😉 : http://www.premierpower.com/solar_energy_residential/roof_solar_tile.php

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    Although homes with solar panels may not be as aesthetically pleasing as others, neither is a polluted, decaying planet.  Instead of looking at the actual panel itself, instead I think about how it is helping to preserve the planet, and maintain the beauty that is already here.

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    From the pictures I have seen of solar panel homes, I don’t think they are exceptionally attractive, but that is not the point of the design. The point is to use solar energy to get the house working, which is far more important that aesthetics. I do think that over time, architects will have their designs evolve to make them look nicer. 

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    I actually have a couple panels fixed atop of my house. I seriously don’t notice them any more than I would notice the chimney, but I find them to be quite fitting. It almost gives a type of futuristic quality to the house–which is always fun.

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