Who thinks that environmental hip hop could go mainstream?

Check out BrothaBill’s recycling rap on Youtube.



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    Hip Hop in itself is an excellent forum to get information across to a wide audience.  It has always been about the issues – and the environment is an issue that affects everyone, everywhere.  I do believe and hope that it can go mainstream – as always the reason is the message and it’s an important one.

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      Yeah, I’ve seen that guy’s video. There is another kid from Tampa that exclusively raps about the environment. I believe he is 11 now and he goes by the name of Lil Peppi aka The King of Eco Rap. He’s pretty good. Check him out too.

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    I think so, especially as people want to think and hear more about the environment in everything else.

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    It definitely could; Mos Def would be a great example. With his song “New World Water” Mos Def’s lyrical content talks about the uses of water and other environmental issues. Environmental hip hop could definitely go mainstream, but only if other rappers follow in suit with Mos Def and address their lyrics towards problems in the environment.

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    I think it might be hard, but it definitely could.  Faithless’ song Mass Destruction is a hip-hop take on themes like racism, weapons proliferation and public apathy, and it’s been a huge success. I definitely think that with the right tune and exposure (youtube, myspace, vevo), an environmental hip hop has a chance. The Faithless video (if you’re curious/haven’t seen it) is linked below.

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      There are so many hip hop songs devoted to political issues though. You can virtually find them everywhere by every artist. However, one of the political issues that is rarely rapped about is the environment. It is definitely a new scene I am looking to jump into.

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      It’s true, political issues are endemic in hip hop – what I meant was, if you can make a song about nuclear weapons a huge success, a song about the environment, or an artist who focuses on the environment, has a good shot. I personally think environmental hip hop would be really interesting. Good luck!

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    That hip hop artists can put environmentalist themes into their music, I don’t doubt. However, I doubt it will ever become prevalent in hip hop in general.

    There was a time in hip hop’s nascent stages when “conscious” rap was the norm. Artists like KRS-One, Public Enemy and even NWA often concerned themselves with issues facing the African American community in the United States. This eventually fell by the way side as rap moved more into pop territory, and records with socially conscious overtones started getting outsold by their more pop-oriented competitors.

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