who studies animal behavior?



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    There are four fields that study animal behavior:  ethology, comparative psychology, behavioral ecology, and sociobiology.  Ethologist and comparative psychologist focus on the regulation and function of behaviors. Ecologist and sociobiologist focus on the social and environmnetal conditions related to the animals behavior.  Most fields of animal studies requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree, but many require a Master’s Degree or Doctorate, Degree.

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    Technically, the field of “Ethology” is the study of animal behavior. It focuses on the complicated interactions “between naturally encoded ‘innate’ behaviors and the environment”.Ethology studies are done in the natural envionment of the test subject.

    Behaviorism is another way to study the behavior of animals. The study of Behaviorism is mainly done in the laboratory and can’t really predict how an animal would act in its natural setting.

    Both methods tell us something about animal responses, but conclusions from both disciplines are normally put together to explain animal behavior in its entirety.

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