Who is still denying climate change? Any important politicians, organizations, business leaders?



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    Most of the people who “deny climate change” actually contend that climate change is not human-induced, rather than arguing that no significant changes in the climate have occurred in recent years. (They suggest that routine cyclical sun flare-ups are causing the changes, among many other other hypotheses.) But, yes, there are prominent people who deny that humankind is responsible for climate change. Sarah Palin, the senior senator from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, ExxonMobil and many others. (Wikipedia has a list of writers and professors with backgrounds in science that have spoken publicly about climate change.)

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    Especially now with the leaking of fraudulent emails regarding the science behind global warming , many political figures and groups have spoken out against the validity of the climate change theory. Some notable Republican skeptics include Sarah Palin. The website below is a synthesized viewpoint of the skeptics of global warming.

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