Who is Stella McCartney?



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    Stella McCartney is now more known as a fashion designer; climbing out of her father’s great shadow, the great Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Despite harsh criticism early in her career, she found success in the industry and later launched a join venture with Gucci.

    Who is Stella McCartney? Maybe, we should ask her.

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    Stella McCartney was highly influenced by her parent’s respect for nature – especially her mother’s affection for animals.  I remember reading an article once on how she hid in her parent’s closet and ended up loving all the fashionable clothes they had in there – many from their swingin’ 60s days.  She adopted her parent’s love for animals, which is why she never uses real animal products in her clothing designs.  Her mother, Linda McCartney, I think is often not given enough credit for the amazing things she did in her lifetime – especially her photographs.  There is a really great documentary on her you can watch on Youtube.  You should check it out if you have a chance.

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