Who started the save the rainforest campaign in the 90’s?



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    “Save the Rainforests” became a major catch phrase in the 1990s, and continues today, as a result of several organizations. One of the earliest was the Rainforest Foundation Fund, actually an amalgam of three European and American organizations. RFF was founded in 1989 by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and the rock singer Sting who was publicly associated with the campaign in its early years. One of RFF’s first initiatives was a push to preserve certain areas of Amazonian rainforest as a reservation for the Kayapo Indians of Brazil. Since then, rainforest campaigns have taken off and continue to be popular; there are many organizations out there (especially with a Web presence) dedicated to saving rainforests, including a high-profile campaign started in 2007 by Prince Charles of England which has attracted endorsements from high-level celebs such as Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), Harrison Ford and the Dalai Lama.

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