Who started the EPA?



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    A variety of factors contributed to the founding of the EPA. One of the first people who contributed to environmental concern was Rachel Carson, who did a thorough study of pesticides and the damage they cause in 1962. She put her finding in a book called Silent Spring. Her book started a social revolution that eventually got about 14,000 lawyers, scientists, etc. to join in the fight to save the environment.

    Afterwards, environmental concern spread to other areas including water and air pollution. Tactics used in Vietnam also caused alarm, and the educated people coined the tern ‘ecology.’ In 1969, UN rep. U. Thant gave the planet 10 years before our environment destroyed us. Also in that year, the Nixon administration started the Cabinet-level Environmental Quality Council and the Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality and Congress sent President Nixon the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) bill and he signed it into action.

    In 1970, Nixon announced a federal 37 point plan to help reduce air and water pollution. April of that year was the first Earth Day. Nixon then wanted to set up an individual federal agency to research the environment, help others be environmentalists, and enforce environmental laws. This agency was known as the Environmental Protection Agency.

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