Who is Roger Bate?



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    Roger Bate is a pretty busy feller. He has written quite a few essays challenging the legitimacy of global warming and works at the American Enterprise Institute and Institute of Economic Affairs. Bate is also a stellar economist (Ph. D, University of Cambridge) who has held various positions at conservative think tanks. He is currently working on U.S. and international policy questions and health care policies in developing countries just to name a few. Roger Bate is on the board of directors of Africa Fighting Malaria, a group focused on malaria prevention, aid and education in African countries.

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    Roger Bate is an economist who has held a variety of positions in free market, libertarian, and conservative think tanks, and lobby groups promoting anti-regulatory, pro-business causes. His current work focuses on U.S. international aid policy, and health policy in developing countries, especially in regards to malaria control and the use of DDT. Bate founded the Environmental Unit at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a conservative British think tank, in 1993. Bates has been best know for his advocacy of DDT. His belief is that the prevention of the use of the pesticide DDT has resulted in the deaths of millions due to malaria worldwide. Critics argue that Bate’s principle for promoting DDT is to advance a free market, anti regulatory agenda while smearing the environmental movement. 

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