Who is responsible for keeping our oceans clean?



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    We are all responsible for keeping the oceans clean, in the same way we are all responsible for ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe. There certainly are organizations devoted to reducing the amount of pollution that enters the ocean (Clean Ocean Action and Greenpeace) and government regulations that mandate sewage treatment facilities to limit nitrogen pollution of coastal waters, but in the end, its each person’s respsibility to keep the oceans clean.

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    One of the agency that is actively involved in helping to keep our oceans clean is NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  They are the leading agency to help inform people and other agencies about the state of our oceans and carry out programs that help better the oceanic environment.

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    It is everybody’s responsibility to help keep the oceans clean.  But in the context of international maritime law, countries own the waters up to 200 miles from their shores.  International conflict can arise through pollution of another country’s waters.

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