who is responsible for educating kids about the environment?



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    Ideally, I guess it would be great if we could get parents to do this. Of course, it should also be taught about to a greater extent in schools. If more children were taught the importance of conversation, energy efficiency, saving water, etc from a young age this might have a drastic impact on the environment. As long as environmentalism is seen as a partisan or controversial issues, however, I think this is unlikely to happen.

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    The same sources responsible for educating kids on other important issues are responsible for educating kids about the environment. Certainly schools, parents, community leaders and authors have a huge role in educating kids. In addition, those who post information on the internet play a significant role in the education of our nation’s youth, especially in terms of sustainability issues that parents and teachers may be unsure of.

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    Children are like sponges, they absorb information every day from everybody they see so essentially, everyone is responsible for teaching children about the environment. It is the responsibility of parents to set a good example and engage in eco-friendly activities in the home. It is the responsibility of schools to present the science and reasons for protecting the environment by giving them the opportunity to learn in class, on field trips, through experiments, guest lecturers, and documentaries. It is the responsibility of the popular media, which is so influential in everyone’s lives, to present news, television programs, and films with environmental messages in order to teach children about the importance of environmental stewardship for the present and future.

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    The same people and institutions that are in charge of educating them about most everything else, school and parents. Though I only suggest that schools should educate about the subject, in practice I don’t think there is actually much application of that principle. So that leaves most of the responsibility to parents, who really should try and instill some sort of appreciation in nature and how finite it truly is.

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    Americorps also has many positions for environmental educators. These are people who work for basically nothing and are responsible for educating elementary students only about environmental issues.

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