Who produces more offshore wind America or Canada?



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    Despite the potential for vast amount of energy generation from offshore wind farms, and despite the fact that Europe currently has about 30 operating offshore wind farms, North America has yet to build a single major offshore wind facility – in either Canada or the US. On the other hand, both countries have recently begun to get more serious about offshore wind development, and it looks like Canada may be the first to begin work on an offshore wind farm. The Canadian province of Ontario is likely to put in the first offshore farms in North America – not along an ocean coastline, but along the edges of the Great Lakes. On the US side of the Lakes, several states are also looking at offshore wind farms. However, the US Great Lakes projects are not as far along as their counterparts in Canada, and the first offshore wind farms in the United States are likely to be in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coastlines of Northeastern states.

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