Who pays for the upkeep of landfills?



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    We all do.  We are charged a fee for waste collection and the company picking up our waste uses our money to run the landfill.  This fee includes the gas for the collection trucks and bulldozers at the site, paying employees, running a customer service call/billing center, and other costs of running a business. 

    Some enterprising landfills have found ways to produce energy from the decaying matter underneath, or more precicely, they have found ways to harvest and resell the methane that naturally is produced when the organic matter decays.

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    Anyone who pays garbage collection or disposal fees pays to run the landfill.  In some communities, this may be part of your utility bill.  Or, you may contract directly to a hauler, who then pays the fees on your behalf when he puts the waste in the landfill.

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