Who or what do you think takes the most blame for the climate change problem?



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    I don’t think we can place blame on any individual person or entity. Climate change is inevitable even without the destruction we have caused. Humans have really overused the resources available on the planet and this has created climate change, but we are not the reason for climate change. This is not to say that we should just do what we want because climate change is inevitable. We need to take care of this planet because it takes care of us. I love the image on the back of Organic Valley milk: It’s a circle made of arrows and images. The top is the Earth, an arrow leads to a plant, to a cow, to milk, to people, back to the Earth; it perfectly illustrates that if we take of the Earth the Earth will take care of us. 

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    In my estimation, it’s the convergence of two factors, both relating to carbon dioxide. First is the massive amount of automobiles on the roads; internal combustion engines produce CO2 as a byproduct. Exacerbating this is deforestation and human encroachment on natural lands, which further reduces tree populations (and trees of course consume CO2 and produce oxygen). In terms of ‘who’? That implicates many powerful people across the world – politicians, heads of corporations (particularly in the oil industry), special interest groups, and so forth.

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    Some natural cataclysmic events such as hotsprings, earthquakes, volcanoes can cause climate change apart from human factors. In this case, both man and nature will share the blame. So I strongly support jazpiri in her answer that climate change is inevitable.

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