Who is the most widely recognized environmental figure?



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    I would have to say Al Gore, I’ve watched the Inconvenient Truth about twelve times now. Another popular environmental figure is Leonardo Dicaprio. I’ve also watched the Eleventh Hour just as much as the Inconvenient Truth. That’s what you get for going to an environmental school. 🙂

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    I would definitely agree that it’s Al Gore as a result of all the attention and accolades he received for An Inconvenient Truth. Though his star has waned, Ralph Nader was also a big one for a while, particularly in 1996 and 2000 when he was running for President on the Green Party ticket.

    However, for the most part it tends to be celebrity activists who become the most known, people like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie. While some accuse celebrities like that of being a bit phony with their concern for environment, any good publicity the green movement gets is ultimately for the best.

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