Who is the most popular green journalist?



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    The truth is that there aren’t many in traditional forms of media. Journalists may cover environmental issues, but most lack either the scientific knowledge or the tricky communication skills necessary to make complex ideas about climate change understandable to the general public. Jon Friedman brings this up in the article in the first link below. Perhaps the best way to be a green journalist right now is through blogging, although this typically only attracts people who are already interested in the topic. And many of the most popular environmental blogs, like green-blog.org, are not written by one person but are made up of news stories pooled from many authors.

    Check out the second link for some great environmental TV shows, the hosts some of which could be loosely considered popular green journalists. Among them are Bob Woodruff, Bill Nye, and Annabelle Gurwich and Holter Graham.

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    Thomas Friedman is a columnist for The New York Times and also a nobel prize winner in Economics.  He is the foreign affairs writer, but writes often about the environment. He has a best seller “Hot, Crowded, and Flat,” which talks about geo-greenism,’ globalization, and other important events in the current Energy-Climate Era.

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         Elizabeth Kolbert has been writing about the environment for the New Yorker since 1999. Her most recent article is about climate change deniers. Ms. Kolbert is also the author of the 2006 book Field Notes from a Catastrophe, which is about global warming. 

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    John Collins Rudolf and Todd Woody are frequent contributors to the NY Times “Green Blog,” which is one of the more popular environmental journalism sources.

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