Who is the most famous vegetarian?



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    There are a lot of pretty famous vegetarian celebrities out there ranging from Gandhi to Jerry Seinfeld to Voltaire. Who the most famous one is though, is really a matter of opinion. You can check out a list of famous vegetarians here:

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    I think one of the most famous vegetarians is Paul McCartney. He has been a vegetarian for over twenty years and his late wife Linda made many vegetarian cookbooks.

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    I would say Ingrid Newkirk, is the most famous vegan because she is the founder of PETA and is still actively changing the lives of animals as we speak.

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    Happy Cow provides a list of famous vegetarians and vegans, which you can search by occupations.

    Famous actors include Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger.

    Famous musicians include: B.B. King and Avril Lavigne.

    Famous writers include: Franz Kafka and Ariana Huffington.



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