Who is the most famous vegan?



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    While there are ton of celebrities who claim the vegan lifestyle, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_vegans

    among the most famous on the list include Cesar Chavez, Ellen DeGeneres, and Paul McCartney

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    Alicia Silverstone has been a prominent advocate of a vegan lifestyle and even wrote a cookbook/life guide called The Kind Diet with vegan recipes. She is also an outspoken supporter of PETA.

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    Emily Deschanel, star of the Fox television show “Bones” is a vegan.

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    Ellen Degeneres is a famous vegan. I didn’t know until now actually.

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    Thom Yorke, Joaquin Phoenix and many others.

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    Woody Harrelson is a vegan and raw foodist. 

    Max Gerson promoted a vegan diet for his cancer therapy.

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    Definitely, Mr. Geraint Langford. Go, Mr. Langford!!!


    Carlita Canny

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