Who is the most famous gorilla?



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    Probably Titus, the Rwandan silverback who died earlier this month at the age of 35. Titus was one of only about 700 mountain gorillas left in Africa. He was the subject of a BBC documentary last year, and was studied by naturalists throughout his life – including US expert Dian Fossey.
    Rwandan officials described him as “possibly the most remarkable gorilla ever known”, referring to his long life and his rise to dominance in his group.

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    The most famous gorilla would have to be Jambo. He lived from 1961 until 1992 and was the first baby gorilla to be born and raised in captivity. This silverback gorilla became the father to many offspring. His offspring fill up zoos all over the world. Jambo was also known for taking care of a little boy who fell into his zoo habitat in the mid 1980s. The video of this incident allowed the world to see a first hand account of how gentle gorillas are.

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    Koko, she was born in 1972 in San Francisco. She has been a successful media sensation; and she has mastered more than 1,000 words in American sign language and understands about 2,000 words in spoken English. Ever since 1972, Dr. Francine (Penny) has been teaching Koko sign language. The Gorilla Foundation, also known as Project Koko, is the longest inter-species communication study of its kind.

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