Who is the most famous environmental scientist?



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    There are many scientists well-known to the environmental community for their work to raise awareness of the impact human activities are having on the planet. However one of the best known, and certainly among the most important is NASA scientists Dr James Hansen, who has played an instrumental role in alerting the world to the dangers of global warming. Since the 1980s, James Hansen has been urging government action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and curb global warming. Recently, he has stated that the threat of global warming is greater than even he originally realized, and that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide must be brought down to 350 parts per million to avoid the worst effects of a destabilized climate. Currently, atmospheric carbon dioxide is at close to 390 parts per million.

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    Rachel Carson, the author of the 1962 eye-opening environmental book “Silent Spring” is a very well known enironmentalist, biologist, and ecologist. Some people believe her book, which documented the effects of pesticides on the environment, was a leading influence in launching the modern environmental movement.


    Another famous environmentalist was Marjory Stoneman Douglas, whose book “The Everglades: River of Grass” helped raise awareness about the Florida Everglades. Stoneman Douglas was also considered a leader in the movement to turn the Everglades into a National Park.


    A third well known conservationist, John Muir, was a Scottish-born “farmer, inventor, sheepherder, naturalist, explorer, writer, and conservationist” who advocated for wildnerness preservation in the United States in late nineteenth century. He was also co-founder of the Sierra Club.

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