Who is the most famous anti global warming figure?



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    If by “anti global warming” you mean which figure is most famous for trying to stop climate change or spread awareness I would argue Al Gore. Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth which debuted in 2006 quickly made global warming a national debate with real precedence and growing concern. The film won an Oscar and as it was by the former presidential candidate its impact was all the more widespread. President Obama and Governor Schwarzenegger have also spoken out on the crisis. However, if by “anti global warming” you mean against believing in the climate crisis President George W. Bush did an excellent job of helping spread doubt of the crisis throughout the nation. Other famous figures of this sort include Michael O’Leary the airline executive and David Bellamy, a scientist who changed his stance on whether global warming exists or not several times and was then fired from his post as president of Wildlife Trusts. 

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    If you are asking, “who is the most public global warming skeptic” then I would have to say FoxNews. I know an organization is not technically a “figure” but the vast majority of the figures on that network seem to question the science behind climate change.

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      Realistically there are many skeptics. The media have an important role to play in debating climate change issues. The presenters need training in the underlying science so they argue on an informed basis.

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