Who is the most environmentally friendly celebrity?



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    Here are a few “green” celebrities:

    Dave Matthews Band – they fund tree planting and wind turbine construction projects to offset the Carbon Dioxide emissions from their concerts.

    Cate Blanchett – She has plans to equip the Sydney Theatre company with solar panels and rainwater collection systems.

    Leonardo Dicaprio – started the Leonardo Dicaprio foundation in 1998, which promotes environmental issues. He also drives a hybrid car and is currently in the process of producing an environmental documentary called “11th Hour”

    You can get a full list here:


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    Natalie Portman may not be the “greenest” but to honor her respect for the environment her new fiance gave her a recycled platinum ring with an antique diamond. 

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    In 2004, Neil Diamond ran his “Greendale Tour” on biodiesel. 

    Woody Harrelson, an actor/vegan/raw food promoter, is a spokesman for green and sustainable living. His website, Voice Yourself, is dedicated to the bringing together of humans and the enviroment. In his words, “transforming the world together.” 

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    Mr. Geraint Langford

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    Well this article gives you a list of celebrities and their “green” ranking. If you are though literal with your definition of celebrity to someone who is really famous and well-known, then I would have to go with Al Gore, for his movie Inconvenient Truth was life changing for many people. After that movie, many more people started caring for the environment. Out of the other celebrities, I would have to go with Leonardo DeCaprio, Natalie Portman, and Cameron Diaz as the most environmentally-conscious and friendly.

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