Who is the most eco friendly chef in the nation?



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    I think a popular answer might be Alice Waters. She is a strong advocate of local food and has worked extensively in California and throughout the nation to promote healthy, fresh foods and gardens as part of the school cirriculum.

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    I can’t one chef that has received the title of most eco-friendly, but I found this website that is listing the top 40 chefs under 40 that are cooking with sustainable, green living in mind. This is probably a list of the greenest chefs. Top of the list includes:

    1) Julia LeRoy, 28, Chef, Bookhouse Pub, Atlanta, Ga.

    2) Marisa Baggett, 32, Sushi chef, Tsunami Restaurant, Memphis, Tenn.

    3) Brittany Baldwin, 30, Chef/owner/farmer, Portland Home Chef, Portland, Ore.

    4) Jose Garces, 38, Executive chef/owner, Amada, Tinto, Distrito, Chifa, Village Whiskey, Philadelphia, Pa.

    5) Sean Brock, 30, Executive chef, McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston, S.C.

    The list also includes at number 6, Top Chef Finalist Kevin Gillespie, 27, Executive chef/partner, Woodfire Grill, Atlanta, Ga.

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    I agree with Alice Waters, she was an important factor in getting the white house to plant a garden for use in state dinners.

    I also think Mark Bittman is a great chef who advocates a vegetarian diet.  While he may not call himself a cook, he does have a very comprehensive book called “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” and he means it.  It is very user friendly, and arguably, more green since his book makes it attainable for more people to cook in a more sustainable manner as well.

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    The answer to this question could be a never ending list. Along with those mentioned above, I want to add chef Charlie Ayers to the mix. Chef Ayers was Google’s first executive chef and is internationally known for his innovative, flavorful, healthy, and sustainable ideals. Having also been a chef for the grateful dead, Charlie has recently expanded his career through his new restaurant, Calafia. Years in the making, the concept of Calafia demonstrates that “being green” is good for the consumer, team members, environment, and local community. The restaurant is green from top to bottom, using recycled and locat materials. He also constantly shops at farmers markets and even is the middle man for a farm share program within the CA Bay Area.

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    I think it would have to be the good people over at Uncommon Ground.  A green eatery in Chicago, IL. They grow organic food on their roof, have bee hives to collect organic honey on the roof, and have solar panels that help run the restaurant.

    What they cant get from the roof, they get locally, and organically.

    Below is a link, check it out! (PLUS, their food is really good) 

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