Who is Mikhail Prokhorov?



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    Prokhorov is a successful Russian businessman, whom has held prestigious posts such as Head of the Department of the International Bank of Economic Cooperation, Chairman of the Board of the International Company for Finance and Investments and Chairman of the Board of ONEXIM Group. In environmental news, he has made a name for himself in the precious metals sector; when he ran the Norilsk Nickel Corporation, the conglomerate’s efficiency rose considerably, but more importantly, its pollution levels were drastically lowered. Currently, he is the owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA team. 

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    Mikhail Prokhorov is a Russian-born businessman who rose through the ranks of finance in Europe and became famous when his bank acquired the giant conglomerate Norilsk Nickel.  He made even more of a name for himself when he modernized Norilsk Nickel into a more efficient, concentrated company, becoming very rich in the process.  Basically, like most successful businessmen, he has made a career of buying things cheap and making them profitable.  Prokhorov has done this on just about the largest scale possible.

    And, most Americans know him because he bought the New Jersey (soon-to-be Brooklyn) Nets NBA franchise.

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      Of course that’s how most of us would know him. LOL If there isn’t some kind of sport involved, or some kind of entertainment quality, we’ve got no idea! hahaha 🙂

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