Who is Mark Kennedy?



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    Mark Kennedy is a British former police officer who infiltrated protest groups undercover between the years 2003-2010. Kennedy, a former officer of the Metropolitan Police (the police force of greater London) was working with the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, an agency that monitors ‘domestic extremists.’ Kennedy was discovered to be undercover when a passport containing his real name was discovered. Kennedy was working undercover to infiltrate protest groups that could possibly pose a threat to domestic peace or to the government. However, according to legal documents, Kennedy’s activities were supposedly beyond his duties as a ‘passive spy.’ He came under fire for crossing the line between undercover officer and ‘agent provocateur’ for his role in an April 2009 plot to break into a power station with other activists to prevent the emission of approximately 150,000 tons of carbon.

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    As mentioned above, Mark Kennedy has been criticized for leading a double life beyond what was necessary for his job. And he admits that he often did experience Stockholm Syndrome (when kidnapped individuals fall for their kidnapper), however he claims that he never strayed from his duties. He supposedly reported everything from counterfeit money to relationships that his alterego had. However he has been under public scrutiny for said relationships, as it has been suggested that he took advantage of vulnerable women in order to get information.

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