Who is Marilyn Manson??



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    Marilyn Manson is an alternative rock musician who became immensely popular in the mid to late 1990’s.  He was the lead singer of the band titled Marilyn Manson.  Manson was an extremely controversial musician in 90’s.  He is best known for his pale skin, angrogenous look, and is always seen in public with one white contact lens.  Smells Like Children and Mechanical Animals were the bands most successful albums.  


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    Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian Hugh Warner. This Canton, Ohio native combined the names of the wildly famous actress, Marilyn Monroe with the infamous psychotic mass-murderer, Charles Manson. In addition to being known for his incredibly controversial music and his trademark vampire-esque look he has also worked in the film industry. Beyond his name being credited for musical contribution to countless movies, he has directed a few short films and even wrote one a short in 2011, “Born Villain”. He has also dabbled in acting in several films, including Lost Highway, Jawbreaker, and Party Monster amongst several other movies and TV series.

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