Who makes the electric supercharger?



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    Several companies, although e-RAM was the original manufacturer. At full throttle, the e-RAM automatically activates to produce 1 psi additional air-pressure to the engine intake. This additional air-pressure results in greater air density reaching the engine. The mild level of boost from the e-RAM is measured by the engine management sensors, and the car’s computer (ECU) increases the delivery of fuel to keep the air-fuel ratio at optimum levels. Thorton, another supercharger manufacturer, guarantees gains up to 30% of both horsepower and torque with its model.

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    Thorton is one company that manufactures superchargers. According to their website: “Thorton sells high quality electric superchargers and accessories at wholesale prices. Thorton electric superchargers are tested with the highest boost ratings available in the industry.”

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    Thomas Knight makes a turbo electric supercharger. Designed as a universal supercharger. The ESC-400 is the result of 26 years of effort!

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    There are several companies that claim to make an electric supercharger and there are only a couple of companies that make a real electric supercharger. For a real electric supercharger stick with Thomas Knight. Avoid so-called electric supercharger (inline sheet metal fans powered by an electric motor placed inside a rubber coupler) by doing your research before you purchase.

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