Who makes and how much would it cost to have a electric car charging station?

I want to buy a electric car but want to charge it with solar home station. I do not want to plug it in to my house energy usages. Do you know where I can get information on this? Thank you



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    According to an article on BNET.com there will be public charging stations for electric cars. These public charging stations will charge by the hour in most states and be roughly $3.50 per hour (this is based on the power usage of different cars, so while one car may only take in electricity at 2.2 kilowatts in an hour another might take in 7.2 kilowatts per hour — aka the Tesla). According to Michael Farkas, the CEO of CCGI the prices are likely to come down once the public charging business becomes more mainstream.

    For a solar station you will need to be sure to buy the correct panels, and this depends on which car you decide to buy. Susan Carpenter a reporter for the Los Angeles Times bought a 1.2 Kilowatt converter and it cost $11,564. Here is the site so you can watch her informational video for yourself:


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