Who made the first electromagnet?



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    William Sturgeon invented the first electromagnet in 1924.  The device consisted of a piece of horse-shoe shaped iron with 18 turns of wrapped copper wire around the iron.  While sturgeon invented the first electromagnet, Hans Christian ├śrsted discovered the phenomenon of electrically created magnetic fields just 4 years before Sturgeon invention.

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    The first electromagnet was made by William Sturgeon, a British electrician, in the 1824.  He got the idea from a Danish scientist, Hans Christian Oersted, who was the first to discover that an electric current produces a magnetic field.  Sturgeon’s electormagnet was composed of a horseshoe shaped piece of iron with a piece of wire wrapped around it and connected to a battery.  This was an important advancement for technology, as it created a magnet with a controllable magnetic field.  While permanent magnets have a set magnetic field, the magnetic field of an electomagnet changes in accordance with the amount of electric current passing through it.

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