Who is king of the insect world?



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    I am. This is a difficult question, as no single insect can be considered ‘king’ or the best insect out of all of them. Almost every insect has a natural predator, and every insect has its own purpose. The bird eating spider of the amazon might be one of the least vulnerable insects out there, yet it stands no match for Bear Grylls and a stick. Therefore, the ‘king’ of the insect world is different per person as the answer could be an opinion, and there is no one definitive top of the insect world. 

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      Lions can be killed by other animals as well, but it is still called the King – again despite all the trouble it would have if you replaced that stick with a gun.

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      yes but the lion is not an insect, now is it? the question was for king of the insect world. ever heard of the ‘king of the insects’ as opposed to ‘king of the jungle’?

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    I am gonna go with ants here. The sheer number, organizational skills, and destructive power of these insects is enormous. An entire army of soldier ants can wipe an area of land in hours. All of the ants in the world weigh far more than all the humans and ants can carry 50 times their own weight. There are ants that literally self-destruct (explode) as a defense mechanism, there are ants that with the power of their pinchers can jump 5 to 6 feet in the air. Some colonies of ants will climb into a baby animals mouth and eat from the inside out. They are small creatures, but if they wanted to, they could rule the world.

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