Who is James Dyson?



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    James Dyson is the designer of the popular Dyson vacuums. These vacuums are the first to feature constant suction, implemented by Mr. Dyson in the late 1970s. The motor featured in Dyson vacuums is carbon free, unlike most vacuums, which emit carbon dust. Mr. Dyson has started the James Dyson Foundation, which encourages children to pursue engineering careers by engaging them with hands-on projects.

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    Sir James Dyson was one of three children and is an English Industrial designer. Dyson made a number of inventions throughout his life. His first product, the sea truck, was launched in 1970 while he was the Royal College of Art. His second product, the Ballbarrow, was a modified version of a wheelbarrow using a ball to replace the wheel. His greatest invention was the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner that would not lose suction as it picked up dirt. He is best known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bag-less vacuum cleaner and his net worth in 2008 was 1.1 billion pounds. 

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